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Four Easy Gift Wrapping Ideas for Seniors With Arthritis

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Four Easy Gift Wrapping Ideas for Seniors With Arthritis

Wrapping presents can, at times, feel like an art form. Stores and volunteers can provide assistance with professional wrapping jobs, and the internet is filled with tutorials that explain the process step by step for those who wish to wrap gifts personally.

But for seniors with arthritis who struggle to achieve crisp corners and layered bows even on their best days, this joyful task can quickly turn into a hassle when pain and stiffness are factored in. To alleviate some of the stress, here are four easy gift wrapping ideas you can try in your Autumn View Gardens apartment today.

1. Gift in a Gift

One of the simplest ways to wrap a present is to place it in another present such as a backpack, purse, jewelry box or toy chest. Gift cards fit easily into a greeting card, but for something a little more original, tuck them into a wallet along with a bow so the recipient is naturally drawn to look inside and notice them.

Storage totes are a useful gift to receive at any age, and they come in a vast selection of sizes and colors which makes them a fun option. Bibles along with a cover or sunglasses with a carrying case also make good gift combinations.

2. Fabric

Another way to blend easy wrapping and useful gifts together is fabric. Scarves, shirts and tea towels are simple to tie around most items, and if you have a crafter or quilter in your life, a stack of fat quarters looks lovely as wrapping material, and the fabric becomes a boon to their stash.

In Japan, the art of wrapping gifts in cloth is called furoshiki, and it can be applied to nearly every shape of item imaginable. Tutorials and diagrams have helped spread the knowledge and popularity of this clever method around the world in recent years.

3. Customized Bags and Boxes

Gift bags and boxes provide a blank slate for decorations. Whether seniors opt to create a uniform theme for all of their gifts or personalize each present to match the recipient, the options of embellishments are nearly limitless. Some ideas to get started are:

Decoupage or tape Christmas card fronts onto the tops of gift boxes.

Personalize a gift bag with photographs.

Stamp festive sayings onto plain paper bags.

Use monogram or alphabet stickers to highlight names or initials.

Create holiday designs such as a tree out of washi tape.

Cut wrapping paper into strips and make chains to loop around the tops of gift bags.

Attach ornaments or seasonal picks.

Turn hair clips and ribbons, decorative zipper pulls or character key chains into playful accents for children's gifts.

4. Themed Containers

The stocking is a timeless container for presents. Its classic appearance instantly brings to mind the Christmas season, and it's easy to customize with names or printed fabrics.

Burlap bags and flour sacks tied with twine or colorful yarn make fast and delightfully rustic packages, and the addition of an evergreen sprig or a pinecone makes this wrapping method look professional with minimal effort.

 For edible gifts, a windowed treat box with a ribbon and cookie cutter embellishment make a quick, charming option, and caramel popcorn or holiday candy look beautiful in a clear jar decorated with only a stick-on bow.