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Meaningful Gifts You Can Start Making Now for Christmas

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Meaningful Gifts You Can Start Making Now for Christmas

Selecting the best holiday gift for friends and family can be both exciting and daunting. Whether you love to hand-make gifts every year and need some fresh ideas to try or you're looking for something unique to give to loved ones who have everything, here are a few ideas for meaningful gifts you can start making now for Christmas. They can be made right in your assisted living apartment, but you can also spread out in common areas with your supplies and invite others to join you.


One of the most common and beloved traditions that many families around the nation share is giving the gift of new pajamas around the holidays. Since many types of sleepwear consist of simple patterns, it doesn't take a lot of prior knowledge or skill in sewing projects to make something that can be worn and used regularly by your loved ones. Lounge pants in particular are among the easiest articles of clothing to create by following a PDF pattern or by using an old pair as the pattern.


Nonskid socks and slippers are another great way to show your family that you care by keeping them warm and safe. Puff paints let you decorate socks with designs such as snowflakes, ornaments and trees, which lets you quickly fashion gifts for a wide range of ages, including teens and adults. For styles that extend beyond the holidays, consider tailoring colors and patterns to the recipients, such as superhero motifs or hearts or butterflies for young boys and girls.

If your grandchildren are young and enjoy wearing matching sets of items, then these mouse slippers are a simple but cute addition to their Christmas morning attire that is sure to make them smile.

Keepsake Ornaments

Ornaments are one of the most versatile holiday decorations. In addition to trimming a tree, they can be used to accent a table centerpiece, fireplace mantel or window display. By adding family photographs to these baubles, you can transform them into keepsakes that your family can use every year. Two of the simplest ways to do this are to add pictures to clear bulbs or to mod podge them to wood disks. The centers of these star ornaments are also perfect for framing photographs or personalized messages.

Greeting Cards

Craft blogs and social networking sites such as Pinterest are filled with ideas for handcrafted greeting cards. These customized pieces of art let you turn your words and feelings into a tangible gift for your family and friends. Though many card designs are made with paper and glue, embroidery stitches are a beautiful way to embellish a card, and a tied loop in the top corner makes it easy to hang on a Christmas tree or display like an ornament.

Wall Art

An inspiring message or even a single word framed and hung on the wall can serve as a daily reminder of the true meaning of the season. This distressed wooden shadow box places the emphasis on the word believe by minimizing embellishments to a single antique bell and a few pinecones and ribbons.

Another vintage-style piece uses sheet music of old carols as a backdrop to wooden letters. Acid-free tape holds the paper in place, which helps to maintain its beauty over time and eliminates the need for hot glue, tacks or nails.

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