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Fun Things to Do for Valentine’s Day (Or Any Time)

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Fun Things to Do for Valentine’s Day (Or Any Time)

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, residents of Autumn View Gardens may be wondering how to celebrate this season. Whether you are sharing your space with a romantic partner, seeing a potential significant other or just want to spend some time with friends or family you care about, we've got some fun ideas for Valentine's Day. These activities would also be great ways to fill an afternoon or evening any time you want to enjoy the company of others.

1. Watch a Romantic Movie

Dinner and a movie make a great date no matter your age or who your date is. Enjoy a dramatic romance with a special someone, a hilarious romantic comedy with your gal pals or a sweet, innocent teen love story with an older grandchild.

Alternatively, gather friends in your assisted living apartment for snacks and stream a favorite romantic movie on Netflix or another service.

2. Spend the Day With Butterflies

Enjoy a brief day trip with friends or special loved ones to Sachs Butterfly House in Chesterfield, MO. The house is located at Faust Park, and even when breezes are brisk or skies overcast, the weather under the conservatory dome is tropical. Seniors can enjoy $5 admission (that's a $3 savings) to the house, which is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily.

3. Visit the Magic House

If you want to spend time with grandkids for Valentine's Day or want to provide a treat that's healthier than candy, consider a visit to the Magic House. The St. Louis Children's Museum operates this family-friendly attraction all year and is open every day other than Monday. Seniors get $1 off admission.

4. Make Your Own Treats

The Autumn View Gardens bistro offers cooking classes and is available for family gatherings. Consider gathering a few friends and family members for a candy- or cookie-making day in honor of Valentine's day. The grandkids may enjoy decorating their own heart-shaped cookies. This is also a great any-day activity that can bring together many people you love.

5. Reflect on the Greatest Love

 If you're not up for any type of activity or just want to enjoy some relaxing time, consider browsing the Scriptures for words about the greatest love that ever was. You can turn to favorites such as Ephesians 4:2, John 15:12 or 1 Peter 4:8, or you can start with the index in your Bible and look for relevant passages. You may discover and reflect on Scriptures you haven't read in a while.