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10 Gadgets Under $20 that Make Senior Life Easier

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10 Gadgets Under $20 that Make Senior Life Easier

Independence is important to most people, but as seniors age, they may begin to struggle with common tasks. Independence can become a key component in overall health and happiness.

Though we love serving our residents here at Autumn View Gardens in Ellisville, it is truly fulfilling to see their joy as they maintain their own freedom and preferred routines. Often small, inexpensive changes can make the biggest difference, and with this in mind, here are 10 gadgets that make everyday activities easier for seniors.

1. LED Nightlights

Poorly lit rooms increase the chance of falls during nightly trips to the bathroom. A few strategically placed lights can make a world of difference.

If open plug-ins are sparse, try the SnapRays line of guidelights. These handy LED bulbs are built into the cover plates themselves, so you can benefit from the light without filling an outlet.

2. Dressing Aids

Button hooks, zipper pulls, sock aids and shoehorns can help take the chore out of morning tasks. When selecting aids, it's important to remember the tool itself must be manageable and comfortable to use. The OXO Good Grips button hook, for example, has a cushioned handle and works on both shirts and pants.

3. Elastic No-tie Shoelaces

The grip and treads found on sneakers are ideal for improving safety as seniors go on walks; however, loosely laced shoes can be a dangerous hazard.

By using a no-tie lacing system like Lock Laces, you can transform a favorite pair of shoes into convenient slip-ons that fit securely.

4. Grabbing Tools

Outfitted with suction cups or precision jaws, these nifty helpers can ease the strain on backs and help prevent falls by eliminating the need for step stools.

5. Doorknob Grips

Round doorknobs can be difficult to manage for those with arthritis. A variety of doorknob grips make it easier to open your assisted living apartment door, and many come with easy no-tool installation.

6. Car Assist Grab Bar

Struggling with mobility issues can quickly increase fatigue levels as you enter and exit vehicles. Make trips to the doctor easier and recreational trips around town more enjoyable with the support of grab bar.

7. Foam Tubing Grips

Widen the handles of pens, utensils and toothbrushes with a cushioned foam tube. The increased control and comfort this simple addition provides can help seniors manage daily tasks and continue their favorite writing or painting hobbies.

8. Can, Bottle and Jar Openers

There are a lot of solutions for opening stubborn lids and caps, including many compact, battery-operated units. These handy devices are a huge plus when counter space is a premium.

9. Hot Air Popcorn Maker

What's movie night without the popcorn?

An air popper makes hot, delicious popcorn without unhealthy additives. By eliminating unhealthy oils, seniors can improve their diet and watch their calorie intake while still getting to enjoy a tasty snack.

10. Jigsaw Puzzle Mat

There is a magnetic quality to jigsaws that makes them hard to put away, but there are times when an open tabletop is needed. A good mat lets seniors roll up and store unfinished puzzles so they can enjoy a meal or write a letter to family. The best part is that when you get back to assembling the latest picture, all the pieces are in the same place.